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We specialize in nature photography you can use and enjoy every day.

Welcome to Teachers With cameras

Teachers With Cameras was born when Bill and Sue Cassidy retired from teaching and found that their love of nature photography had resulted in thousands of photographs tha they wanted to share with others.  At the advice of their daughter, rather than try to sell photographic prints, they decided to create items that are useful, but also beautiful.

Using a process called dye sublimation, they create objects that are functional art.  Now they sell their art at shows in Maryland and surrounding areas.  They also participate in local gallery shows and sometimes offer workshops where they share their photographic skills with others.  In addition, they are members of several photo clubs and arts organizations.

No Shows This year!

This year, we will not be doing any shows.  This is obviously a difficult time for all of us, and we miss the opportunity to see all of you.  Remember, if you wish, you can still order any of our items via email at  We've also put up a large number of new galleries for you to enjoy (listed below).  Stay safe!

New Galleries

* Annmarie Gardens 2019
* Atlanta Botanic Gardens 2018
* Backyard Birds 2019, 2020
* Bethany Hummingbirds 2019
* Blackwater/Cambridge 2019
* Brookside Gardens 2019
* Camera Club Field Trips
* Homestead Gardens 2019, 2020
* Hummingbirds 2020
* Kenilworth Gardens 2019
* Longwood Gardens 2019
* NECCC Conference 2018, 2019
* Sue's Gardens
* Sue's Weird Stuff
* Thousand Islands 2019
* Veterans' Home 2019
* Wentworth Gardens 2019, 2020
* Yard 2019, 2020


Art Shows

You can see some of our photographs at three local art gallerys.  The Charlotte Hall Veterans' Home is currently hosting a show by local artists, as are the Community Bank and the West Lake Library in Waldorf.