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Our Travels

This section of our page is now dedicated to the places we have visited, but didn't make a separate page for. It seems to make sense to take them off our main page, and feature them here. Links are included to our galleries, as well as tables with links to our individual trip pages in the side bar, and within the text itself.

Birds in Our Backyard--and Front Yard: 2015

This has been a particularly good year for feeder birds at our house this winter--particularly since we have a fantastic new lens to play with. Here is a gallery of some of the photos of our feathered friends.

Glacier National Park 2014

In July we set off again (by train) to visit Glacier National Park for the second time. This time, the train was on time and we arrived at the Mountain Pine Motel to join our friends in exploring this beautivul national park once more. A big difference in the park was readily apparent--much more snow and ice on the mountains and trails. We saw many more bears munching on berries and digging for grubs and ants right along the roadside. We also saw more deer, goats, and ground squirrels, but only one moose and no big horn sheep. The wildflowers were gorgeous. We drove to Waterton Lakes, Glacier's sister-park in Canada for a day, and got a look at the Canadian Rockies and a small herd of bison. We had a wonderful time and brought back thousands of photos, only a few of which we are sharing in our gallery.

Bethany Hummingbirds 2014

Once again we journeyed to Bethany Beach to spend a few days photographing hummingbirds on Marilyn's and Ray's porch, where they have created a haven for these lovely little fliers. Please click here to see this year's hummingbird gallery.

Spring Wildflower Workshop 2014

On the weekend of April 11, we made our first--but certainly not our last--trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  This is a perfectly beautiful national park--and a perfectly beautiful place.  We participated in a photography workshop led by Wilson Reynolds, April Love, and Brett Wells.  Sponsored by f32 Photography in Knoxville, Tennessee, the workshop's subjects were the spring wildflowers the Smokies are famous for.  The forest floor was literally carpeted with flowers of all kinds, with trilliums the stars of the show.  We also photographed the night sky, flowing water, all kinds of scenery, and a few critters on the side.    Many thanks also go out to the Tremont Outdoor Resort for a pleasant stay in Cabin 1. Visit our GALLERY to see some of our photos.

Mid-Atlantic Fireworks Festival 2014

This year's MAFF show was great, as usual. We took 700-plus photos between us, and we chose a group of the highlights to put in the gallery. The weather was excellent, if a bit chilly, and the sunset over Allen's Fresh was awesome. The fireworks were like great flowers blossoming in the black sky. We shot a lot of our photos from a distance, and then we moved up to the front row for the final program. That is the closest I have ever been to fireworks, and I loved it! Bill was busy shooting some great photos, but I just enjoyed.


We recently had the opportunity to visit Zootastic, a facility dedicated to educating people about the world of animals by encouraging hands-on and up-close experiences. Please click here to view our gallery. Thanks to the hospitality of owner Scotty Brown and his staff, we were able to photograph many animals "up close and personal".  This was an excellent experience, and we want to thank everyone who helped us, and particularly Kortney for her assistance with the baby lemurs, goats, kangaroo, wolf cub Dakota, and the two tiger cubs, Jafar and Geni.  If you are ever in the Charlotte, NC area, or even somewhere close, visit Zootastic.  It is definitely worth the trip!