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We specialize in nature photography you can use and enjoy every day.

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Teachers With Cameras was born in 2010 when one of Bill's and Sue's daughters suggested that just selling prints of their many nature photographs might not be adequate.  She persuaded them to find a method of making their photos into something useful.  After some experimentation, they settled on using dye-sublimation to put their photos onto a wide variety of useful objects which they began to sell at local arts and crafts fairs.  They branched out into filling orders from customers on-line and displaying and selling their photos in galleries around their local area.

Both Bill and Sue Cassidy are retired teachers (Bill as a second career after working for the government for thirty years), and both have a passion for photography, particularly nature photography. Bill has degrees in professional photography from Rochester Institute of Technology, making him the true photographer of the pair. Sue has been involved in picture-taking only since the digital revolution.
Both love to travel and to see beautiful places, and also love to capture the things they see in photographs.

Bill and Sue are also actively involved in several local arts and photography organizations, and volunteer at the Charlotte Hall Veterans' Home leading the photography club for residents.

They have had successful shows of their photos in local galleries and in a small gallery in Baltimore, and participate in many arts and craftsshows in Maryland, Virginia, and Georgia with their work.



Bill Cassidy



Sue Cassidy