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Galleries:  Old and New

These galleries represent places we've gone, experiences we've had, and things that we've seen.  They show everything from the birds and flowers in our yard to the Forbidden City in China; from ruby-throated hummingbirds in Bethany Beach, DE to magnificent hummingbirds in Costa Rica; from black bears and grizzly bears in Glacier and Great Smoky Mountain National Parks to brown bears at Brooks Camp in Katmai National Park in Alaska--and lots more.  We hope you have as much fun looking at them as much as we had taking them.

To view our older galleries, just click on the name of the gallery you'd like to see in the list to the right.  New galleries are listed below.

St. Mary Lake and Wild Goose Island:  Glacier National Park

New Galleries:

*Backyard Hummingbirds 1              *Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens                                                   

*Backyard Hummingbirds 2              *Mid-Atlantic Fireworks                                                   

*Bethany Beach                                 *Mallows Bay                                                   

*Birds in Yard 1                                 *Smoky Mountains 1                                                   

*Birds in Yard 2                                 *Smoky Mountains 2                                                   

*Brookside Gardens                          *Solomons                                                   

*Cambridge/Blackwater NWR          *Water Lilies                                                   

*Ft. Washington                                *Yard Photos 1                                                   

*Ginter Gardens                                *Yard Photos 2                                                   

*Homestead Gardens                      


Old Galleries:

* Alaska

* Bethany Hummingbirds 2014

* Sylvan Heights Bird Park

* Brookside Butterflies

* China 1

* China 2

* China 3

* China 4

* Chincoteague NWR

* Costa Rica 2008

* Costa Rica 2009

* Costa Rica Hummingbirds

* Fireworks 1

* Fireworks 2

* Fireworks 2016

* Florida 1

* Florida 2

* Florida 3

* Glacier National Park 2013-1

* Glacier National Park 2013-2

* Glacier National Park 2014

* Hummingbirds at Bethany

* Jacksonville & St. Augustine

* Maine and Nova Scotia

* Merrit Island & Harris Neck

* Minneapolis & Chicago

* Great Smoky Mountains

* Southwest USA

* Winter Birds